Saturday, December 31, 2011

Your Trash is your trash

Never try to help other people.
They have to sort things out themselves.
Never try to "save" a woman.
Women, never try to "save" a man.
If someone doesn't want it, they will never have it.
Never play therapist.
Never get with crazy bitches.
IF someone has more problems than you, don't date them.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Why lesbians are stupid

Strap-ons & dildos.
You say you don't want guys but you want penis like objects in your vagina.
That's like a gay guy who buys a fake pussy and fucks it a lot.
That's like getting a fake pussy and making your partner wear it and then fuck the fake pussy.
What's with the short hair?
So you want to be with a masculine women that wears a strap-on?
Why not just be with a masculine man with short hair and a dick?
You really don't make sense.

Check out my new eating disorder!

Is it an eating disorder?
Or Maybe I will be really healthy and out live everyone reading this!
Herschel walker eats once a day.
Sometimes once every 4 days of hardcore fighting.
So I will eat once a day beginning on New Years.
It's gonna be crazy.
A disorder?
We'll see.
By the way science: this hot chick on youtube said it was fine.
If I die, please blame and sue her.
I completely take her video as a recommendation.
I will not be monitored by doctors.
She is only hair, eyes and lips so she knows better than weight lifters.
So does Herschel Walker, who is a god.
By the way the hot girl totally helped me get an eating disorder, she is killing me.

About to go imitate Bruce Lee & Herschel Walker

100 punches per dumbbell used
10 LBS

HERSCHEL WALKER's Entire Exercise program:
750 to 1,500 Pushups
2,000 to 3,500 Situps

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is eating whatever he wants for the next 2 days

No Restaurants for a year or life.
No Candy for a year or life (includes soft drinks)
No alcohol for life.
No Weed for a year.
No dessert for a year or life.
No breakfast & lunch on Tuesday & Thursday
Eat only 1 plate & 1 bowl fill to only 80% full
Eat only Beans, Fruit, Vegetables & Meat
One week each month: only 1 piece of meat & 1 piece of fruit per day.
Exercise for 3 hours everyday: wake up 3 hours earlier to do this.
Study 4 hours per every hour in class per class.
Write 5 pages per day.
Draw 5 things every day.
Read 1 book a week. - read instead of watching anything until the book is done.

Write down on index cards - this is what Arnold Schwarzenegger did.

the only thing a person needs to change their health and lifestyle is:
“a committed decision to reach a predetermined specific goal, combined with burning desire, followed by immediate, massive action repeated consistently for as long as it takes until your goal is reached“.

Karma is for cowards

Karma is a lie that weak people tell themselves to feel better when a stronger person puts them down. Instead of doing something about it they tell themselves that eventually something bad will happen to that evil person. Really? Is that what you think? Because that means you were an asshole in your previous life and that is why you suffer now. Did you know that? Did you know that if you believe in Karma you believe in reincarnation? They are linked ideas. So you were an evil person in the past and the current person being a dick to you is divine punishment for your past crimes. In actuality it is your fault. Now, feel bad about yourself and die you stupid hippy scum.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

700,800 Hours to die.

Everyone reading this: Tomorrow isn't promised to you. Around 6,815 people die in America every day. How do you know that this isn't your day? People that die because of accidents thought they had tomorrow promised. Don't waste your life because of ancient superstitions. If you survive to be 80 you will have lived 700,800 hours. That's it.
If you are 20 your life is 1/4 over already.


This is your mission in life.
You have to get your paper.
One day you will be old and can't work.
You could get disabled at any moment.
You MUST get your paper.
Never waste a penny.
If you don't need it, don't get it.
Spend money on what you actually want.
You don't want restaurant meals you want trips, cars, houses, the good stuff.
You need to get your paper and put it to work.
You need to get your paper and never let it go.
Giving paper should hurt like giving blood.
Every $8 is 1 hour of your life.
Don't waste your money.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Politically Correct

Who's politics are they anyways?
They aren't mine.
They aren't democratic.
I didn't vote for them.
They don't represent my best interests.
They are forced on me.
They tell me that I can't handle words, spoken or written.
They tell me I can't handle images.
They tell me that they know how I should be.
They tell me how I should communicate.
They tell me that they know how to be a better version of me.
They want to kill me and replace me with them.
I take this as an attack on my person.
I take this as a threat to my sovereignty as an individual.
I rebel against them.
They cannot know if I am lying or not.
Lie detectors measure fear not truth.
I am fearless.
Political Correctness is a nice word for censorship.
Hate Laws only divide people further.
Social engineering is wrong.
You are not our parents.
Our parents lost control of us at age 18.
We are free and we don't need you.
You need us.
Without us you will die.
If an organization is giving you problems.
Tell everyone you know why that organization is wrong.
The bad PR will damage the organizations reputation.
"Image is everything"
Great people & organizations can be destroyed by bad PR.
Bad PR will create boycotts.
Without money organizations cannot exist or must restructure themselves to survive.
It must be believable above all else.

White women are not minorities.

This is a retarded idea.
White women are not an oppressed group.
They were not oppressed.
They were hit in the past and in the present.
They were property.
But, nothing like slavery.
Affirmative Action is stupid.
But affirmative action for white women is completely insane.
How about affirmative action for poor people.
White women: the female of the race that owned everything for most of history do not deserve to get free money.
Women aren't a minority.
Hiring a woman over a man is stupid.
Hiring a man over a woman is stupid.
How about hiring whoever is most qualified regardless of race or gender.
How about do away with quotas for hiring.
You are just diluting the quality of employees by doing this.

BET & XXL is bad for you.

Don't read that don't emulate it.
You are just making racist white people happy.
Just quit it.
You are just proving old racists comments about you.
Just be better.
Go watch The Jeffersons, The Cosby Show.
Be Better.
You can do this.
I know being poor sucks.
You got this.
Just remember you live in the best country in the world.

If your woman cheats on you

Well she has proven that she isn't worth anything.
Since she isn't worth anything, then she is trash.
Take the trash and put it outside on the street.
Then go find a new woman and fuck the shit out of her.
NEVER let her get anything in the divorce.
NEVER let her get the kids, especially the sons.
If she gets the sons, then your sons will be raised to be bitchmade punks.
They will only bring you shame.
Fight to keep your sons for full custody.
IF genders are equal than there is no legal justification for a woman to take the kids.

If you aren't married, throw her out.
Throw her out your house, car, dorm room or just walk away from the bitch.

NOTE: this is your fault.
You should have been fucking the shit out of her every single day.
She needs to ask you to take a break from sex.
It's like you have an unlimited supply of money and you aren't spending it.

Any black "man" that bitches about "the man" in 2012

Dude, quit being a whiny little bitch.
You need to man the fuck up.
I can't do this and I can't do that because I'm black boo hoo.
Shut the fuck up.
I'm Native American and I don't bitch about what the white man did to me constantly.
Shut the fuck up.
Dude there are white women that only date black men.
Not anyone that isn't white, but specifically black men.
As in there is nothing that an asian, hispanic, arab or someone like me can do to fuck her.
She only wants you.
Do you understand that?
People naturally think you are cool until you start bitching.
Grow the fuck up.
Dude the president is Black.
So no more oh businesses and everyone is racist.
You really can be whatever you want regardless of your race.
Gender is another issue.
Not mine: I'm not a girl.
You have no excuse for your shitty life other than you.
Man the fuck up.
You are letting those how white bitches go to waste.
Oh yeah quit that hood mentality you won't get anywhere other than being a rapper.
Try to educate yourself and speak proper english or chinese.

Also Jews had it worse than you.
See people still hate them.
Like a lot of white people.
A lot of muslim extremists.
A lot of people hate them and they are successful.
They were also enslaved and then the years of anti-semitism.
Then the holocaust.
They don't blame the holocaust for their mistakes.

Basically quit making excuses and quit being a bitch.

How a Man should dress - Save your money

Polo - solid colours
button ups - solid colours
T-shirts - solid colours

Boot Cut
Straight Leg

Nice shoes
Chuck Taylors

A suit

JC Penny
Wall mart
Other low cost places

If someone has a problem: fuck them.
You are dressing for you not a woman or some other guy.

Get on sale clothes.

How to dress like a dumb ass:
Ed Hardy
Anything you think a "bad boy" that uses hair products would wear.
If a Twilight guy wears it throw it away.

Use the extra money that you are saving by not being a dumbass to buy things you actually want like a huge tv or a trip to another country.

Cuddle Parties

What the hell is wrong with you?
You are doing it wrong.
What you want is an orgy not a cuddle party.
That sounds like some gay shit.
If you are straight and you have a dick that works.
How can you cuddle with a woman and not fuck her?
What the hell is the point in holding a woman without fucking her?
That is some gay shit.
Why not just cuddle at home?
So its probably loser guys that don't have women.
Now, I'll cuddle with a woman.
But only after sex.
If you just wanna cuddle go find your gay male best friend and cuddle with him.
Come to me when you will give me the ass.

Monday, December 26, 2011

How to Live

Everything is yes or no.
Fear is not wanting to face reality & not wanting to make a decision.
Stop being a bitch and make a decision.
You are going to die one day.
Could be when you are 80.
Could be when you are 60.
Could be today.
Could be in 1 second from now.
You don't know when.
We don't come with expiration dates.
The Grave Yard has one rule: you can check in but you can't check out.
Religion is for pussies afraid of death.
The afterlife is a lie that people tell themselves to feel better.
Cut that shit out and make a damn decision.
Your life = a series of decisions until you die.
You will stay at the same place unless you make a decision.
If you don't make a decision, other people will make it for you.
No one knows what is best for you; except you.
Thus decisions that other people make for you will be less beneficial than decisions that you make.
They want you to live a certain way.
How they want you to live is not how you want to live.
How they want you to live is like them.
You are not them.
You are you.
Make a goddamn decision.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to view women

Women are only in 1 of 2 categories.
That's it.
Beautiful = she is better at applying make up, works out and dresses better than most women.
Thus beauty comes from the store & the gym.
If she doesn't have a good personality she isn't relationship material.
If she is only pretty than she is just a fuck.
Do you want to fuck her?
IF YES --> Go talk to her and then fuck her.
IF NO --> look at a hot girl and talk to her.
The end.

Friday, December 23, 2011

My gift to you: How to be an Asshole

1) You are the most important person on Earth.
2) Never tolerate disrespect.
3) Your happiness & safety is more important than anything else.
4) Be the Honey Badger: be fearless - what you want is the most important thing to you.

Helen of Troy, Diamonds, Gifts, Killing Christmas

Helen of Troy, a woman so beautiful a war was fought over her. Men have killed adulterous women in the past. Men have killed men that had sex with their wives. Men had other men castrated out of fear of males impregnating their wives. This is stupid. Just get a new woman. Women are diamonds. Women are usually valued for sex. Every woman has a vagina, fact. They all feel roughly the same on the penis. Some know how to control their internal muscles and that feels better. But they can all be taught how to do that.
Women do not intrinsically deserve gifts. Not on dates, not on holidays, not on birthdays. Most people do not know what gifts are. Gifts are items or actions given freely, willingly. In return for a gift the receiver experiences gratitude for the gift. That is what is supposed to happen.
Most women do not deserve gifts. Most women are selfish. Instead of buying gifts on women, invest it in yourself. Go take a class to get skills for money or go on a trip and have sex with foreign women.
Gifts are given freely; otherwise it's a shake down. Never tolerate extortionists. If a woman feels entitled to anything, throw her ass out. Kay Jewelry commercials are evil. If you are buying things to fuck women or for them to treat you well...You are wasting money. Go to for about $100 you can fuck a gorgeous woman. She will come to your house like pizza. When she is done, she leaves and you don't have to listen to her. The End.
Now a good woman is completely different. Those are only 1% of the population though. Most people reading this will argue with it. Those people are losers and deserve what they get.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Bodies are ourselves

So we are our bodies. Slavery is illegal. No one can own us. So why does the government think it owns our bodies? I don't do drugs I like being conscious. I know that I will die and I have a limited number of seconds to be alive. I don't want to waste those seconds, I hate sleeping. Regardless my body is me which is mine. I can do to it what I want. I can end it if I want. I can eat what I want. I can do whatever drugs I want. Now other people disagree and think they can be me better than me. Which is ridiculous. This why I like Ron Paul. Ron Paul treats people like adults instead of kids that need the government to protect them from themselves. If I want to eat bad food and get fat and die of a heart attack, that is my right. If I want to shoot up heroin that's my right. Now those are terrible life decisions. But they are the individuals right to make them. This extends to what I may communicate by dressing, saying, writing, thinking and acting. This is why I am a Libertarian.

Poor Me my peepee hurts

This is what losers do. If you pity yourself you don't respect yourself. If you try to get pity from others you are begging them to disrespect you. When people feel bad for you they do not respect you.

"Pain or damage don't end the world. Or despair or fucking beatings. The world ends when you are dead, until then ya got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man and learn to give some back." - Al Swarenjen

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kobe Bryant Divorce

This man did not get a prenuptial agreement. Why? Why on earth would any man not get a prenuptial agreement in modern times? He just lost 1/2 of his stuff. She is looking at around 75 million and child support and alimony. As a society we need to stop this. If you get over $1 million do you really need child support and spouse support? Really? Many American families survive on $30 thousand a year. You really need more than $1 million? Really? Did you know that college professors in Burkina Fasa make $3 an hour if they teach at their version of Harvard? They survive. But no, you the woman need millions and millions to take care of kid and yourself. If women are equal why do they need to be supported? Can't women get jobs? If so then we do we still have spouse support? Child support? I thought women don't need men to raise kids? If you don't need us then you don't need our money! This is some bullshit. Kobe you are not a man. You messed up man and it's gonna cost you tons of money. Why did you cheat on your wife with a normal woman??? Dude, there are women that exclusively date and have sex with professional athletes. You should have gone the Eliot Spitzer route and just gotten a hooker. No you messed up and you can only blame yourself. Dude they shook down Justin Bieber of course some crazy woman will shake you down if she can. Not all women are crazy but some of them are loony tunes. You need to protect yourself and not put up with all this bullshit. And another thing: IF YOU HAVE MONEY DON'T GET MARRIED. What is the point? When I get a million dollars: Instant deposit at sperm bank for a month every day. Then Vasectomy, so I don't get anyone pregnant that I don't choose. Then just hire escorts or date super models and fans. That is how you are supposed to live when you have money. Guys, quit fucking up. I saw that Edward from Twilight is buying a ring to that ugly girl that plays Bella to get her to "prove his love". What is that "prove his love" by buying her something! Dude, just go get a high-class prostitute. They are not worth anywhere near the hassle. Seriously women love you, they love how you look, you have tons of money and you are running behind a 6/10? Really? You need to man up, you are taking your role way too seriously man.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Day #1 of the Slow Carb Diet

So, now more grains until Saturday. I am only to eat vegetables, meat and beans. It sounds weird. The 4 Hour body argues that fruit will kill you? Or do something bad to your blood and that bread will give you diabetes. So far today water and carrots. I am allowed to drink as much tea and coffee as I want. This is going to be interesting and I will update this post through out today.

So today, my first day on the grand pa made amazing chocolate cookies. Not fair. Seriously??? These aren't the kind from a mix these are special ones. That's some bullshit.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kim Jon Il is DEAD

It's good to remember that events are neutral. I could be happy about this and optimistic about the future. North Koreans might get a new ruler that is a humanitarian and gives the people more rights. Equally possible the new ruler could be a harsher despot and take more rights from the people. It could go either way or it could stay the same. It is impossible to see the entire future from one event. We cannot predict the future because of one piece of information. I am glad that the despot is dead. I never knew him personally but the propaganda given to me by my country makes me dislike him. I never came across information that promoted Kim Jong Il's reputation. He is now dead, that is a fact. What happens next, who knows?

Where I want this Blog to go

I will review music, movies, books, tv shows, celebrities and everything I have an opinion on. You will get 100% unadulterated ME TIME. I'm a celebrity because I say so. This site will rule and I will give free recommendations for entertainment. I will test things out in health books and fitness things. This is going to be great. I appreciate my literally billions of fans in America. I am new to this and this blog will get more colourful as I continue using it. Such as I have no idea how to set a different background. I will learn this soon. I will write more posts throughout the days to come.

Walnuts are way overpriced

Seriously I just bought a bag 3 weeks ago for $6. That is is some bullshit. Who is eating all of the nuts? How do they even get nuts? Do they climb trees? Some sort of conveyor belt contraption? Is there a walnut disease going on? Are the recent arab uprisings also known as the Arab Spring to blame for the rising price in Walnuts and oil? If our oil isn't safe are our nuts safe from terrorists? What will the great Ron Paul do to say us from these nutty villains?

Oats what's the deal with oats?

I'm currently over weight and I am going to lose weight. I have attempted to in the past and it didn't work out. I was on the 4 hour Body program and that worked. Then I let stupid friends derail me and I gained all the weight back. Now I'm going on it again. So I'm eating all of the grains in my house right now. Oatmeal with Walnuts and brown sugar is delicious.

About this blog:
I will update it daily with random rants and thoughts about things. I don't know if I can use adult language or not. I will try and see what happens. Hopefully people will like what I say. I am going to be a comedian and move to West Hollywood this summer.