Friday, December 23, 2011

Helen of Troy, Diamonds, Gifts, Killing Christmas

Helen of Troy, a woman so beautiful a war was fought over her. Men have killed adulterous women in the past. Men have killed men that had sex with their wives. Men had other men castrated out of fear of males impregnating their wives. This is stupid. Just get a new woman. Women are diamonds. Women are usually valued for sex. Every woman has a vagina, fact. They all feel roughly the same on the penis. Some know how to control their internal muscles and that feels better. But they can all be taught how to do that.
Women do not intrinsically deserve gifts. Not on dates, not on holidays, not on birthdays. Most people do not know what gifts are. Gifts are items or actions given freely, willingly. In return for a gift the receiver experiences gratitude for the gift. That is what is supposed to happen.
Most women do not deserve gifts. Most women are selfish. Instead of buying gifts on women, invest it in yourself. Go take a class to get skills for money or go on a trip and have sex with foreign women.
Gifts are given freely; otherwise it's a shake down. Never tolerate extortionists. If a woman feels entitled to anything, throw her ass out. Kay Jewelry commercials are evil. If you are buying things to fuck women or for them to treat you well...You are wasting money. Go to for about $100 you can fuck a gorgeous woman. She will come to your house like pizza. When she is done, she leaves and you don't have to listen to her. The End.
Now a good woman is completely different. Those are only 1% of the population though. Most people reading this will argue with it. Those people are losers and deserve what they get.

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