Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Politically Correct

Who's politics are they anyways?
They aren't mine.
They aren't democratic.
I didn't vote for them.
They don't represent my best interests.
They are forced on me.
They tell me that I can't handle words, spoken or written.
They tell me I can't handle images.
They tell me that they know how I should be.
They tell me how I should communicate.
They tell me that they know how to be a better version of me.
They want to kill me and replace me with them.
I take this as an attack on my person.
I take this as a threat to my sovereignty as an individual.
I rebel against them.
They cannot know if I am lying or not.
Lie detectors measure fear not truth.
I am fearless.
Political Correctness is a nice word for censorship.
Hate Laws only divide people further.
Social engineering is wrong.
You are not our parents.
Our parents lost control of us at age 18.
We are free and we don't need you.
You need us.
Without us you will die.
If an organization is giving you problems.
Tell everyone you know why that organization is wrong.
The bad PR will damage the organizations reputation.
"Image is everything"
Great people & organizations can be destroyed by bad PR.
Bad PR will create boycotts.
Without money organizations cannot exist or must restructure themselves to survive.
It must be believable above all else.

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