Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is eating whatever he wants for the next 2 days

No Restaurants for a year or life.
No Candy for a year or life (includes soft drinks)
No alcohol for life.
No Weed for a year.
No dessert for a year or life.
No breakfast & lunch on Tuesday & Thursday
Eat only 1 plate & 1 bowl fill to only 80% full
Eat only Beans, Fruit, Vegetables & Meat
One week each month: only 1 piece of meat & 1 piece of fruit per day.
Exercise for 3 hours everyday: wake up 3 hours earlier to do this.
Study 4 hours per every hour in class per class.
Write 5 pages per day.
Draw 5 things every day.
Read 1 book a week. - read instead of watching anything until the book is done.

Write down on index cards - this is what Arnold Schwarzenegger did.

the only thing a person needs to change their health and lifestyle is:
“a committed decision to reach a predetermined specific goal, combined with burning desire, followed by immediate, massive action repeated consistently for as long as it takes until your goal is reached“.

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