Monday, December 26, 2011

How to Live

Everything is yes or no.
Fear is not wanting to face reality & not wanting to make a decision.
Stop being a bitch and make a decision.
You are going to die one day.
Could be when you are 80.
Could be when you are 60.
Could be today.
Could be in 1 second from now.
You don't know when.
We don't come with expiration dates.
The Grave Yard has one rule: you can check in but you can't check out.
Religion is for pussies afraid of death.
The afterlife is a lie that people tell themselves to feel better.
Cut that shit out and make a damn decision.
Your life = a series of decisions until you die.
You will stay at the same place unless you make a decision.
If you don't make a decision, other people will make it for you.
No one knows what is best for you; except you.
Thus decisions that other people make for you will be less beneficial than decisions that you make.
They want you to live a certain way.
How they want you to live is not how you want to live.
How they want you to live is like them.
You are not them.
You are you.
Make a goddamn decision.