Tuesday, December 27, 2011

If your woman cheats on you

Well she has proven that she isn't worth anything.
Since she isn't worth anything, then she is trash.
Take the trash and put it outside on the street.
Then go find a new woman and fuck the shit out of her.
NEVER let her get anything in the divorce.
NEVER let her get the kids, especially the sons.
If she gets the sons, then your sons will be raised to be bitchmade punks.
They will only bring you shame.
Fight to keep your sons for full custody.
IF genders are equal than there is no legal justification for a woman to take the kids.

If you aren't married, throw her out.
Throw her out your house, car, dorm room or just walk away from the bitch.

NOTE: this is your fault.
You should have been fucking the shit out of her every single day.
She needs to ask you to take a break from sex.
It's like you have an unlimited supply of money and you aren't spending it.

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