Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kobe Bryant Divorce

This man did not get a prenuptial agreement. Why? Why on earth would any man not get a prenuptial agreement in modern times? He just lost 1/2 of his stuff. She is looking at around 75 million and child support and alimony. As a society we need to stop this. If you get over $1 million do you really need child support and spouse support? Really? Many American families survive on $30 thousand a year. You really need more than $1 million? Really? Did you know that college professors in Burkina Fasa make $3 an hour if they teach at their version of Harvard? They survive. But no, you the woman need millions and millions to take care of kid and yourself. If women are equal why do they need to be supported? Can't women get jobs? If so then we do we still have spouse support? Child support? I thought women don't need men to raise kids? If you don't need us then you don't need our money! This is some bullshit. Kobe you are not a man. You messed up man and it's gonna cost you tons of money. Why did you cheat on your wife with a normal woman??? Dude, there are women that exclusively date and have sex with professional athletes. You should have gone the Eliot Spitzer route and just gotten a hooker. No you messed up and you can only blame yourself. Dude they shook down Justin Bieber of course some crazy woman will shake you down if she can. Not all women are crazy but some of them are loony tunes. You need to protect yourself and not put up with all this bullshit. And another thing: IF YOU HAVE MONEY DON'T GET MARRIED. What is the point? When I get a million dollars: Instant deposit at sperm bank for a month every day. Then Vasectomy, so I don't get anyone pregnant that I don't choose. Then just hire escorts or date super models and fans. That is how you are supposed to live when you have money. Guys, quit fucking up. I saw that Edward from Twilight is buying a ring to that ugly girl that plays Bella to get her to "prove his love". What is that "prove his love" by buying her something! Dude, just go get a high-class prostitute. They are not worth anywhere near the hassle. Seriously women love you, they love how you look, you have tons of money and you are running behind a 6/10? Really? You need to man up, you are taking your role way too seriously man.

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